Social media today has a massive customer base for any given niche or market, for there are countless active users on every social networking platform who could prove to be prospective customers. Brands compete with one another in the electronic world through social media platforms to reach their prospective clients. Be it a B2B company or B2C, prospective customers are found on every social media platform. But to make your product or service reach the right clientele, then you ought to have an exceptional Social Media Optimization strategy.

Having said that, it is important for a company to first discover a precise social media platform that will effectively assist them in reaching their clients. As an example, if you’re a dealer, a powerful social media platform is Twitter. Talking concerning customer support, this platform can allow you to contact and encourage your clients. Similarly, if you’re into media and designing, a potent station is Facebook. Therefore, based on the type of business, you want to first determine an ideal social media platform.

Content is king, agreed. But not every bit of great content goes viral, which makes it obvious that the way that you present your articles things the most. The effect of this content is the highest when it is exhibited most engagingly. Content can be of many kinds; it could be a post, picture, video, or statement.

How is SMO content Different from SEO articles?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, while SMO stands for social media optimization. SMO is a part of the off-page strategies of SEO, while SEO comprises on-page optimization too. In SEO, we optimize your site or content for search engines. While this is true in the instance of SEO, the content used in SMO platforms helps in engaging the social networking users straight with the brand and consequently aids the brand has a fantastic connection with their followers. Hence, SMO boosts customer loyalty towards the offered products or services by applying properĀ social media marketing. In brief, SMO content comprises of their content according to the needs and wants of the consumers and SEO content comprises of that which matches precisely with what the target audience is searching for in the SEO.

The way a piece of content is presented along with the visual effect it has on the viewers purely depends upon the strategy adopted by the SMO strategist. In his approach, his thoughts, or his strategy, a strategist mainly includes the type of posts that participates and has a maximum effect on social media users. The strategist makes sure he or she adds content that the social media users can undeniably benefit from.

Top 10 Strategies to Post Content on Various Social Platforms

Here are the top 10 ways you can post your articles on various social media platforms and ensure it is worth the effort. In such types of posts, you may have a glimpse of what type of articles to take into account while delivering a faultless business plan.

  1. Images are for Bloggers:

Blogging is much more than just writing. Whether it is a travel blogger or a fashion blogger, he woos his audience more through storytelling using a series of attractive images instead of just plain text. Instagram supplies this scope, which is why it has become a top social media platform for bloggers from any given sector today. Bloggers here associate with the brands in addition to the audience. Additionally, with the hashtag civilization you can serve the audience the content they’re interested in.

  1. Video articles for more engagement:

Video posts are even more eye-catching on Facebook these days. Added to the videos, the Autoplay feature of Facebook requires the user interaction to another level by allowing them to see multiple movies, one following the other, seamlessly. In the video you post, you can inspire the viewers and let them know what services you provide and how those services can help them. The effect a video may have on a viewer is quite significant. This is probably why YouTube has been the brand new TV for millions across the world. The number of views for every viral video is just expanding by the day. The most recent fad where bloggers are working with vloggers is among the greatest ways to make your content attain a bigger set of audience.

  1. GIFs for conveying a message:

If the images do not communicate to your viewer your brand’s message or services, GIFs would be the perfect way to tell your brand’s story. With GIFs, there’s an immediate connection between the market and the brand on an emotional level. But, creating a GIF is somewhat tricky. Post GIFs allow the viewers to know that the brand has a fun side also. This is because a funny content is always liked by most of the folks.

  1. Polls for audience opinion:

Only a simple “yes” or “no” poll can be adapted to get started with. With the growth in the response, you can further ask for ideas and suggestions of exactly what the audience likes, or exactly what the viewer is considering, and basic queries regarding the brand preferences. Can it be a Twitter poll or a Facebook survey, the question asked should be fascinating enough to draw the interest of the audience.

  1. Infographics for informative content:

Infographic images are used when you have a lot of visual content that you need to share as an image or when the information is composed of various visual components that need to be explained and can make an impression only with a glance. Infographics are also utilized to make a record of various elements or just compare items with various viewpoints. It is important to note that adding infographics in your articles strategy is a huge task that requires one to understand what type of content you want to show your audience.

  1. Picture album for bulky images:

Posting pictures in a bulk album is a perfect option you can make. Bear in mind that the pictures you upload from your album should be in a sequence like the people seeing it immediately have that urge to look at each of the images. The images must be in high definition. Also, make sure there is an organized set of records that may also be checked and uploaded together with related methods and tricks.

  1. Blog posts to discuss thoughts:

Every company needs to have a blog to showcase their ideas, perspectives, and strategies. Give exactly what the audience needs and they will certainly enjoy it. Have posts with evergreen topics in your site and give the audience the hacks which they can follow and return to you again. Target people who’ve already visited your blog and show them the very well-known posts and blogs. Have a terrific thumbnail along with a controversial headline to your article which will influence the audience to click on it and read it.

  1. Photo carousel to increase curiosity (Facebook):

Produce a carousel image with a storyline and which has a sequential link with the previous image. Create a set of photos and reveal them to the audience. These may be portfolio pictures, a process, products, or all of the services you want to showcase. Post different post links to run an ad campaign about your latest offerings or only post a promotional offer. You can display various services that you offer with images using a constant flow. Such posts drive more traffic and you will have an inevitably greater outcome.

  1. Slideshow from videos for optimum engagement:

Videos these days are huge attention catchers. Produce text-based slideshows or just an image slideshow. Now you can pick a few images and make a movie that may have a fantastic effect on the audience. To publicize your content through a slideshow, make a brand story, and encourage it through engaging videos.

  1. 360-degree opinion:

With these posts, the viewer could choose from which angle he/she can view the image or the video you have shared. This is very useful for those companies that will need to reveal a whole 360-degree angle perspective. With this type of content, it is possible to showcase your most captivating stories in a fresh and Immersive way. Create a storyline with your posted photos and encourage your Followers to experience the 360-degree view.

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